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Sierra Supply Chain Services is a long‑established full‑service meat supplier. We pride ourselves on always meeting the needs of our clients.

Our Company

As a meat-supplier, we provide value driven protein solutions to all of our clients in the food processing, food service, retail and distributions sectors. Our purpose is to simplify supply chain services in order to provide more value. We have the raw material, product knowledge, market insight, regulatory expertise and comprehensive protein supply chain solutions to reduce the costs of production, maximize operational efficiency, and mitigate supply side risk.


The Sierra Difference

Our full-service capabilities mean a unique experience and customized solutions for each of our customers. We can provide market knowledge, added processing value (deboning, trimming, sizing, slicing, grinding, IQF), logistics, freezer services, blasting and tempering. We even have specific Sierra scorecards, to measure everything that's important to you.

Sierra Markets

Our team of respected and accomplished industry professionals works collaboratively to provide you with global and regional supply solutions. We are adept at providing our many clients with a wide range of industry expertise.

Our expertise includes:

• Product knowledge
• Regulatory understanding
• Data analytics
• Hedging strategies
• Logistical expertise

Sierra Processing

Our protein processing team provides automated and manual services that improve yield and efficiencies in your supply chain. We are here to support our customers and add value to your everyday operations. This client-centric model allows Sierra Processing to act as an extension of your overall offering.


Processing services provided include:

• Trimming and preparation
• Deboning
• Slicing and dicing
• Sizing
• Grinding
• Box and Freeze
• Defrost and Temper
• IQF (Individual quick freezing)

Sierra Cold

As with everything we do, our cold services are tailored to the individual needs of all our clients. Our engaged team is here to support you with a comprehensive warehouse management system. We are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive cold service model.

Sierra Cold

Our cold service model provides:

• Frozen and Chilled warehousing
• Blasting freezing
• Import and Export services
• Cross Docking
• Bonded Storage

2020 Expansion

We are excited to be opening an expanded facility and service profile coming late 2020. New services will include box freezing, tempering, and co‑packing.

Contact Us

We can help with all of your specific supply chain inquiries, whether you’re a new or returning customer! For product questions or comments, please call (416) 252 - 2791.

Sierra Supply Chain Services

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President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
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Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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VP Finance and Systems

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VP Operations Sierra Processing

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General Manager Sierra Cold
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Director Team Talent Culture
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Senior Director of Sales
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Senior Director of Food Safety & Quality
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Join the Sierra Team

Sierra’s success is a direct result of a team approach. Our team members are knowledgeable, dedicated and champion customer relationships. If you’re interested in helping our clients with all of their supply chain needs, have a look at our.