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Cutting Edge Cold Storage

Expertly designed for Cold Chain efficiency, our modern facility features narrow aisles and high density racking to maximise product volume.

Located in Hamilton, ON, Sierra Cold is strategically located to serve regional partners across the industry.

Harnessing the latest innovations in Quick Freeze™ technology, we are able to freeze product in a fraction of the time, while providing our customers with a more environmentally efficient and cost-effective cold storage solution. Experience the advantage of streamlined operations and exceptional service with Sierra Cold

Cold Storage

High Efficiency Refrigeration

We offer a variety of freezing and refrigeration services designed to meet your needs faster. QFM works by pulling air through the product up to 80% faster, making this one of the most energy efficient and cost effective freezing solutions. 

Comprehensive Warehouse Management

Fully Digitized Cold Storage

From real-time inventory tracking to automated temperature monitoring, our advanced system ensures precision, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Cold Storage Comprehensive Warehouse Management
Cold Storage Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Tailored Cold Storage Experience

Our systems-based approach ensures that our partners receive personalized information and services that align with their specific requirements.

Cold Chain Services include:

Chill Cold Storage icon
Chill Cold Storage
Cross Dock Services icon
Cross Dock Services
QFM icon
QFM - Efficient Blast Freeze
Bonded Warehousing icon
Bonded Warehousing
Product Picking icon
Product Picking
Tempering icon
Tempering / Processing
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Cross Border Import & Export Services